Remember this Comic the Next Time You Witness Islamophobia in Public

Combat Islamophobia by Maeril

Marie-Shirine Yener, ArtistSince the 2016 election a week ago, public expression of xenophobia has dramatically increased, specifically islamophobia. Civil rights groups and news organizations have reported dozens of verbal and physical abuse of minority groups, like the threat toward one muslim woman to set her hijab on fire if she did not take it off.

As the instances of hatred grow, French artist and activist Marie-Shirine Yener suggested a way you can stand up for Muslim-American people’s rights.

Upworthy quotes a statement from Yener’s interview with The Independent. She says, “‘I have witnessed, during the last months and years, the number of hate-motivated actions against Muslims increase rapidly,’ said Maeril, who is of mixed Iranian, Turkish, Kurdish, and Armenian descent. ‘I felt like I had to try to do something with what I have, and that is drawing and writing.'”

To stand up against anti-Muslim bias, as well as supporting other minority groups facing harassment, Yener created a guide for people witnessing hatred toward minority groups.
To view Yener’s art and learn how you can make a difference, check out Upworthy‘s article or Yener’s Art Blog on tumblr, linked below.

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