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Junior year of high school brings much excitement. You’ve gotten the hang of high school and start to get serious about planning for college. You go on college visits, take entrance exams, research college programs, and majors, and think hard about future careers. Amidst all of this, you need to fit in writing the most amazing, powerful, unique, personal college application essays imaginable.

If you are stuck brainstorming topics, questioning your essay organization, wondering if you have too much or too little of you in there, ask the GirlsGo community. Simply post a question about your essay or idea, paste in your draft, and ask friends at GirlsGo and share the page link to invite your own network of friends and family to contribute their suggestions and recommendations.

Feel free to post and share as many versions or essays as you like. It is helpful to include the essay prompts, as well. We expect members to be constructive, courteous and helpful in their responses, and that you will get the feedback you need for completing a fantastic essay.

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