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What are GirlsGo Parties, you ask? 

GirlsGo Meetup Parties are hosted at physical locations like businesses, boardrooms and conference rooms, clubs, community centers, restaurants, parks, shared workspaces and other creative locales.

GirlsGo Meetups are places where students, bloggers, families, and brands, social good organizations, educational initiatives, and businesses come together to support each other. Creativity abounds because great brands and outstanding writers, shoppers, reviewers, and ambassadors strategize for the best ways to help each other and brands connect and bond with global audiences.

GirlsGo Virtual Parties are link and brand (service, product and mission) sharing events online that include Twitter Parties, Blog Parties, Hashtag Parties Linky Parties and YouTube Livestreams.

If you are a blogger, Etsy seller, author, or entrepreneur, GirlsGo Virtual Parties are perfect online gatherings to garner support for a mission, product, service, or movement. You will make new friends, support others, and expand your influence and thought leadership reach.

We are planning blogger and influencer in-person meetups in cities and towns through the U.S. where you can meet other students, writers, bloggers and brand ambassadors to learn from their experiences.

Please contact us if you are a student or blogger and would like to host or coordinate a GirlsGo Meetup in your region. We’d love to help.

If you are a brand, business, shared workspace, school, club, restaurant, retail or rental space and would like to be a Location Sponsor for live blogger meetup or #hashtag party to support your brand, please Contact us.

GirlsGo members and friends can share their favorite things about your products, services or mission. We can connect you with influencers, ambassadors, social media experts and members who would love to learn more about you.

We develop custom promotional packages for sponsors, so that you receive tremendous positive exposure and loyal followers comprised of some of the best influencers, bloggers, writers, social media experts that you can ever hope to meet.

Sponsors can provide guest posts, unique giveaways, social media promotional materials and blog sponsorships as part of your sponsorships.

Sponsors often donate goodies for live meetup party gift bags or exclusive items, discounts and coupons, contests or giveaways for online parties. Journalists, photographers, videographers, caterers, are welcome to cosponsor events.

We are building our 2017 GirlsGo Influencer Party Calendar for Live Meetups and Virtual Parties, so check back soon to join the fun.

View existing Twitter Parties that you can join.

Learn more about how #Hashtag Parties work:

  1. Virtual Link Parties are akin to speed dating to meet others who share interests.
  2. We will provide and invitation and a #hashtag (often #GirlsGoParty) that is the connection for you to join the virtual celebration during a set time period.
  3. By searching for this hashtag, you will find the group.
  4. Get to know more about party participants and help them as much as you help yourself by sharing both their and your featured knowledge, products and services.
  5. You tweet your promotional and conversational social posts and include our designated #hashtag in every one.
  6. Include one one or two of your own #hashtags for your offerings keywords.
  7. Your posts should include links to freebies, articles, products, and services that will draw other #hashtag partiers to join or subscribe to your blog or website.
  8. Like a real party, take time to get to know the friends participating. Ask questions. Share about yourself.
  9. Throughout the virtual event, share other party members’ posts, tweets, social media profiles, articles, products and services. You should share more than promoting yourself. Interact naturally as if you were at a mixer or live social event, not as if this event is a sales opportunity.
  10. Virtual Link Parties are more about giving than getting. Build relationships, have authentic discussions, be supportive, and others will reciprocate.
  11. Share your bio page on your own blog or one you’ve created on GirlsGo.
  12. Feel free to use the party #hashtag after the event.
  13. Learn the goals of the other participants and suggest ways to help them achieve great results. Share your experiences and expertise.
  14. Send a link to your contact page to participants with whom you’ve connected.
  15. If you’ve connected with a party participant whom you admire, build a longterm relationship and help each other succeed.
  16. Follow up. Follow up. Continue the discussion after the party has long ended.

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