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Students, families, bloggers, influencers, ambassadors, thought leaders, brands, companies, causes, nonprofits, movements and communities all over the world develop manifestos that tell their audiences exactly what they believe, causes they support, changes that they seek and who lives behind a name.

In our fast-paced world where we are inundated with ads, messages, half-truths, manipulations and public relations, a manifesto becomes one the the most authentic, beautiful, powerful ways to tell the world who you are and what you stand for.

At GirlsGo, we help people and organizations write, design, record and share their manifestos. They can be videos, wordart, illustrations, podcasts or whatever your incredible imagination can conceive.

We love to help members tell everyone who they are. Manifest yourself. If you need help to create your manifesto today, reach out to our team.

Want to join the Manifesto Makers at GirlsGo?

We welcome member writers, voice artists, designers, illustrators, developers, artists and videographers let us know that you’d like to design manifestos with us. We’ll add you to our Manifesto Maker email list and let you know when we are hiring for your talents.

Be sure to full fill out your resume and influencer profiles so that we know the talents and experience you offer!

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