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GirlsGo Gives Students Incredible Opportunities

Ask GirlsGo Members a Question About School, College, Careers or Life

GO ASK ~ Ask questions about high school, college planning, scholarship, honors, internships, community impact, STEM, coding, and freshman year to peers and pros to learn what you need to succeed and be happy.

Request Feedback for Your College Essay Ideas and Drafts

GO DRAFT ~ Post requests for feedback and recommendations from GirlsGo student and professional members as you shape your college essays to showcase who you are and what you believe.

Take a Class Online with Our Edu-Partners or Choose a GirlsGo Course

GO LEARN ~ We are so lucky to have opportunities to learn anything online from coding to data science. We offer members exclusive access and recommendations about MOOCs and courses. We are also developing our own courses in personal branding, influencer marketing, social media marketing and a few secret ones that will launch in spring 2017!

Find a Member – Professional, College, University, Business, Brand, Blog or Cause – and Build a Relationship

GO NETWORK ~ We are building our professional member directory so that professionals and students can develop valuable lifelong relationships that can lead to mentorships and coaching, internships, brand ambassadorships, jobs, volunteering, mentorships, marketing promotions, consulting and reselling opportunities, and even professional friendships.

Hack Your Way to Success with Support from GirlsGoers

GO HACK-A-GOAL ~ Share your goal and enlist member hackers to support outlining, scheduling, and accomplishing your lifehacks. Hack your dorm room design or something complex like a data-gathering app for your thesis.

Brand Yourself as a Thought Leader

GO BRAND ~ Let GirlsGo help you create your brand online as a student, athlete, researcher, scientist, maker, creator, artist, speaker, (whatever your skills and talents! ) intern, burgeoning entrepreneur and young professional, so that your audience learns who you are and what you do.

Work with a Mentor. Be a Mentor.

GO MENTOR~ Our member mentor network is growing and we are fast at work on developing our new videoconferencing mentoring app where you can select a free mentor or coach or hire a professional mentor to help you identify, schedule and reach goals for challenges you face. Coming in early 2017!

Join GirlsGo Groups & Converse with Peers and Professionals

GO INTERACT ~ Students can join (even create) groups to discuss  in-depth topics like college essays, blogging, STEM – STEAM opportunities, SAT -ACT entrance exams, social impact, entrepreneurship and more.

Earn Badges for Accomplishments, Engagement, Generosity, Knowledge

GO BADGE ~ Members can showcase badges on their profiles, resumes and influencer-brand ambassador profiles to highlight your work, feature what you’ve learned and demonstrate what you’ve accomplished.

List & Promote Your Start-up, Apps, Games, Business, Brand, Blog or Cause

GO LIST ~ Share your business, brand, blog or mission with GirlsGo student members and their families.

Live Chat with GirlsGo Members

GO CHAT ~ Your personal GirlsGo profile enables you to live chat with members who are online. Schedule specific times to talk or see who you know online for advice, answers, mentoring or a good laugh.

Read Articles Inspiring You to Thrive, Ignite Change, Pursue & Create

GO READ ~ We are building a blog filled with stories about college planning, technological advances, feel good causes, students and pros who motivate and challenge us to be more, do more, love more, give more and achieve the lives we dream.

Contribute Your Talents to the GirlsGo Network & Enjoy the Perks

GO CONTRIBUTE ~ Join GirlsGo as a student contributor. As a Contributor Member, you can gain experience, earn money, build your authority, promote your own blog, sell your products, and develop a social following by contributing articles, stories, research, data, infographics, templates, guides, videos, animations, illustrations, art and photos to share with GirlsGo members. Request more info.

Crowdfund a Dream, Class, College, Study Abroad, Travel or Business

GO CROWDFUND ~ We’ll share blog posts with crowdfunding tips and tools so you can raise funds on Gofundme, Kickstarter or Indiegogo, Or, crowdfund through your member account on GirlsGo. Build your social network, excite your tribe and raise the funds you need.

Match Your Influencer Talents with GirlsGo Member Brands and Organizations

GO MATCH ~ Join our Student Influencers who work with businesses, brands, bloggers, nonprofits and organizations promoting causes by matching your qualifications as an influencer with professionals seeking your passions, skills and network.

Request Research Data or an Article on a Specific Topic

GO REQUEST ~ Whenever we can, we will seek information and expertise from our team and membership to give you indepth research through polls and data scientists or research and write articles on topics that intrigue you most.

Write for GirlsGo. Guest Posts. Bloggers. Thought Leaders. Sponsored Posts of Products and Services.

GO WRITE ~ We love precise, powerful writers, both student and professional members. We welcome guest posts, GirlsGo team writers, sponsored posts, blogger promotions and any piece that complies with our Guidelines.

Sell Your Digital Products Through the GirlsGo Market

GO SELL ~ GirlsGo members can join our member marketplace and sell their digital goods, art, photography, codesnips, games, literature and anything you can create that others need and want!

Go Random with Acts of Kindness & Your Own Change Challenge Campaigns

GO RANDOM ~ Create community-based campaigns like our Random Acts Challenge, movements

Earn Cash While You Sleep as a GirlsGo Affiliate

GO RESELL ~ We welcome GirlsGo members to join our reseller affiliate program earn commissions by selling GirlsGo digital goodies and subscriptions for our customizable monthly student survival kits.

Take the GirlsGo Pledge & Contribute Acts & Articles

GO PLEDGE ~ Take the GirlsGo pledge and be an active contributor to our mission. We will feature articles of member acts and interests supporting our 31 pledges each day. Reach out to learn more!

Create Your Own Manifesto and Share it with the World

GO MANIFEST ~ Use our Manifesto Maker and develop your personal, cause or business manifesto to share with your audiences. More than a mission statement, a beautiful, artist, even simple manifesto defines what you do in the world and helps market you or your brand.

Download Digital Goodies. Some Free. Some Not. All Worth Exploring!

GO DOWNLOAD ~  We’ll share awesome digi downloads with members that include writing and design templates, social media templates, photos, illustrations, videos, college and sports recruiting planning tools event  and party planning tools, and so much more.

Photographers Can Showcase Their Creativity and Best Work

GO SNAP ~  If your photos are VSCO and Insta-worthy, then we’d love to talk with you about snapping for GirlsGo projects, partners, blog and social posts, as well as connecting you to work with member businesses and brands who love real-life authentic shots of people living life to the fullest and places that move us.

Support, Share and Celebrate at GirlsGo Parties

GO PARTY ~ GirlsGo Meetup Parties are hosted at physical locations like campuses, restaurants, parks and coworking spaces. GirlsGo Virtual Parties are link and brand (service, product and mission) sharing events scheduled for specific times online that include Twitter Parties, Blog Parties, Hashtag Parties Linky Parties and YouTube Livestreams. Much fun, friends, networking and selling ensues!

Host Your Own GirlsGo Club on Your Campus

GO MEET ~ GirlsGo Campus Clubs are powerful communities within schools and college campuses. Meetings are both virtual (video and text/social chats) and at cool locations. GirlsGo Campus Leaders invite their friends to become involved in GirlsGo initiatives, their own blog, events, change movements, challenges, quizzes, contests, gifts, giveaways and celebrations. More soon!

Let us help you grow.

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