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We are inviting colleges, companies, community organizations, bloggers, and professionals to reach students and families through a three-month free premiere “Go Achieve” listing.

Appearing in the GirlsGo Member Directory enables you to promote your expertise and thought leadership as well as your college, company, cause, blog and even professional profile. You will be able to interact with socially- and intellectually-active members who are interested in your offerings–students, parents, educators, and professionals who want to improve the world around us through education, kindness, activism, diversity and inclusion, STEM/STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and medicine) and build valuable lifelong partnerships.

Share the unique benefits of your vision, mission, manifesto, people, customers, services, and products. Your detailed premiere directory listing will be searchable for students seeking mentoring, coaching, counseling, internships, employment, and freelancing (writing, design, video and social influencer) opportunities.

Your website will also enjoy the SEO benefits of incoming links from GirlsGo and any social media campaigns we manage that are mentioning you. (We’d be glad to discuss promotional opportunities!) After three months, you may continue your premiere membership for a monthly fee or enjoy our forever complimentary “Go Free” directory listing.

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