Pledge the GirlsGo Promise

Our Guiding Vision

This is what we believe… We’d love you to take the GirlsGo pledge with us.

I pledge to:

  1. Live life fully: Work hard, learn daily, play hard, laugh, have fun, include others, spread joy.
  2. Love myself. That means that the voice in my head will never say something negative to myself that I would never say to a friend.
  3. Trust my instincts and believe in myself. Know I am not an imposter and belong in the future I dream.
  4. Rise up and speak up. See myself as significant, powerful, and deserving of being heard. Share my accomplishments and amplify others’.
  5. Be a sister, not a mean girl, to other girls and women.
  6. Believe all people are equal, and that we should create equal opportunities. I will truly earn what I receive. I will not ask permission, offer apologies, or use language that makes me sound less powerful.
  7. Support feminism for parity, not superiority. I believe in equal pay and equal opportunities that are based on my skills, experience, and knowledge.
  8. Fight against bullies and cyberbullies with my actions and voice and be an ally to people in need. Seek active support or legal action if I am bullied.
  9. Take action in my own life to promote green priorities and protect our planet from further damage.
  10. Be a conscious consumer. Deliberately choose ecologically-smart, sustainable design, products, farming, food, fashion, and building.
  11. Advocate for the underdog. Stand against hate, racism,  bigotry, and discrimination against nationality, skin color, LGBT people, and religious beliefs and practices.
  12. Drive safely. Realize that one second of distracted or intoxicated driving can destroy my life and others’.
  13. Weigh the potential outcomes of partying (in every situation) upon my health and well-being as a result of my intoxication, taking unknown substances, partying and driving, the potential for sexual abuse, damage to my reputation in person and online, and being arrested.
  14. Actively learn about future-proof careers and the skills, degrees, and networks needed to reach career goals. Explore fields that intimidate me, like those in STEM/STEAM fields, data science or medicine, as well as those fields that excite me.
  15. Seek financial literacy. Learn how to budget, invest, save money, bank, and spend smartly.
  16. Volunteer in my local community and/or become engaged with people and causes in a more global role. Give back to the world, lend, loan, and donate to people who have less.
  17. Be kind to people and perform a random act of kindness every day. Share stories of kindness as a model for others.
  18. Make decisions for my best health regarding drinking, drugs, eating, exercise, sleep, sitting, smoking and sex.
  19. Practice safe (protected) (or no) sex, and I will seek the necessary healthcare if I have compromised my health. Remember that I am having sex with every person with whom my partner has ever had sex with before I have unprotected sex.
  20. Be aware of locations, circumstances, and people that expose me to risk for sexual violence. Realize that one in five rapes are committed by people whom victims know. Educate others and be vocal in the crusade to end sexual assault. Consider learning self-defense. Know that a sexual assault is not my fault. Report sexual assault repeatedly until I find support and advocacy. Seek legal action, when needed.
  21. Protect my mental health as much as my physical health. Seek help when I need it. Find and use counseling and mental health support systems. Know there is always a new day coming that can be different. Fight to remove the stigma attached to mental illness.
  22. Mentor a younger girl. Be a role model, even when I am with my friends or influenced by the crowd. Remember that every action potentially has a repercussion. I will think it through first.
  23. Embrace the arts by expressing my creativity and sharing it with at least one person. Consider pursuing a career in STEAM.
  24. Build my personal brand, reputation, and network, so that I never become stuck in a job or relationship I cannot leave, if needed. Become an expert in what I study and love, and share as a thought leader and build a tribe around a belief or knowledge.
  25. Use, optimize, and build awareness of technology for good. Voice your beliefs and help define the ethical use of AI and technology.
  26. Use my social media and voice to influence for good, for people, brands, and causes in which I believe.
  27. Learn to program, code, design, make, create and develop things and ideas of value to others.
  28. Protect my data, privacy, works, and inventions with well-informed decisions and actions to ensure my safety and security throughout every aspect of my life, personally, and throughout my education and career.
  29. Find commonalities and try to respect people who are different from me, including those with whom I ideologically disagree.
  30. Use, amplify and vote my civic power. Help others to become informed about societal, economic and political issues, and vote! Expose propaganda and inflammatory rhetoric.
  31. Pursue meaning over happiness in my life. Practice mindfulness. Make time to meditate. Actively recognize people and experiences for which I am grateful each day.

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