A Bot-Robot Lawyer Helps Refugees Seek Asylum

Refugee Bot Lawyer for Immigrants

Joshua Browder, a 20 year-old student at Stanford University, created a robot lawyer that is providing legal assistance to refugees seeking asylum. Months of work training the artificially intelligent chatbot and consulting with lawyers helped create an advanced chatbot to help refugees worldwide.

Refugees are now able to go to the chatbot for assistance in completing immigration applications to the U.S. and Canada and seeking asylum in the U.K. By simply talking to the robot lawyer, refugees can complete the applications, which use confusing language that can make the process very difficult. Browder expanded his chatbot’s reach by using Facebook Messenger. Now over a billion people have access to the robot lawyer. Thanks to Browder’s innovation, refugees are able to access immigration and asylum opportunities without facing the complicated legal language that accompanies the process.

Read more at https://futurism.com/a-robot-lawyer-is-officially-assisting-with-refugee-applications/.


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