GirlsGo Invites You to Join Our Student Kiva Lending Team

Fundraising for Kiva Borrowers

Do you know all of the good you can do with that $25 in your wallet?

Instead of buying a new shirt from American Eagle or a few lattes from Starbucks, you could make a microloan to help a single mother in Bolivia buy sewing machines so that she and her extended family and friends can make dresses to sell through their online boutique.d.

Or, you could help a man in Uganda to buy an inventory of improved clean-burning cookstoves to sell in his local community, saving his neighbors money because they’d need 50% less firewood. Clean-burning stoves reduce severe respiratory diseases, and ongoing stove improvement services would provide this entrepreneur with a sustainable revenue source.

With, an online non-profit organization, you can lend as little as $25 to people in the US or developing countries all over the world to give them the chance to start or strengthen a business that helps them to climb out of poverty. Sometimes, all that it takes to climb out of a desperate situation is a little help.

My first Kiva loan was to Martina, a woman in Guatemala who wanted to expand the cafeteria she opened when her other business did not make enough money to take care of her family. Thanks to a loan of $4,575 from micro lenders like me around the world, Martina is using the profits from her cafeteria to support her son with special needs and the rest of her family.

There is no better feeling than knowing you have made a small difference in someone’s life.

I’ve already received 33 percent of my loan repayment that I will be able to reinvest in another person working hard to make life better. I really did not need another button down peasant shirt or Caramel Macchiato…

Now it’s your turn. Rethink how you spend your fun money. Would you rather waste $25 on five lattes at Starbucks or put that money to good use helping an impoverished person improve their life by becoming an entrepreneur?

The team at GirlsGo invites you to join the combine power our Hempfield Kiva Lending Team as a supporting member or simply become a lender on your own at Kiva.

It is simple to start with just $25. I’d love you to join our effort, share your experience at GirlsGo, and profoundly improve someone’s life through your microloans.

For more information, email me!


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