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Alexia Maryn Haski - GirlsGo Founder and Student

Alexia Haski, Student, Sister & Founder of GirlsGo

Hi, I am Alexia Haski, a high school senior in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA.  I am a blogger, entrepreneur, founder of 
Hempfield Kiva, and volunteer as a side walker at a therapeutic riding center. My past few months have been filled with AP classes, college essays, entrance exams and college applications…and stress, which is exactly why I want GirlsGo to help every student and family possible!

I decided to create GirlsGo a few years ago when my mom and I became frustrated with the lack of trustworthy, curated resources for students as we dream of and plan our lives beyond high school.

Suddenly, life as a young adult encroached on teenage life. Days filled with fun soccer practices, reading away weekend afternoons, and baking cookies with friends met with squeezing in SAT studying, figuring out potential careers, and begging to get into AP classes that were overfilled. I spent too much time Googling for SAT prep resources, the best college essay tips, and how to find internships. There just became too much to do and too little time to enjoy what I love.

Since I was learning to code and knew my mom would help, I decided to launch GirlsGo as more than a blog. I want to create the go-to community for students to find everything they need in their busy lives. We’ll share info, inspiration and apps for what students love, question, and need, ranging from to college planning tools to anti-bullying resources to STEM/STEAM advancement to health and disability insights to fun and frivolous (you need that sometimes!) with tips for music festivals and fitness, I am hoping that our amazing community of students, parents, educators and professionals will collaborate online and on campuses everywhere to help each other thrive. We are on an exciting journey.

Please be willing to join me and friends at GirlsGo to help each other create amazing lives! You will be part of something very special…

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